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Who We Are

Ma Mo Jewelry Design is the jewelry house of Maurice and Morgan. Their passion for fine quality, handcrafted jewelry sparkles in every Ma Mo creation. With their combined skills and expertise they, “seek to give the public a greater appreciation and knowledge of fine jewelry.”

Maurice is a second-generation jeweler. He is trained in all aspects of fine jewelry manufacture and is a GIA certified diamond grader.

Morgan is a qualified designer. She has degrees in design and fine art; and is a skilled wax carver. She is also certified in diamond and colored-stone grading and identification.

About Our Logo

Prior to opening Ma Mo, Maurice and Morgan ran a business in Hawaii specializing in pearls. While “Ma Mo” is an abbreviation of both their names, it’s also a native Hawaiian bird that was honored by Hawaiian royalty. The bird and the name is a reminder of their love for Hawaii — a family homeland — and therefore a fitting icon to represent the Ma Mo brand.

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Our Heritage 

Some people inherit jewelry, whereas Ma Mo inherited the skills to make it. Ma Mo Jewelry Design is a family business that got its start under the guidance of Maurice’s uncle  the prestigious jeweler, Daniel Louis. (Pictured above, outside his Seattle store on 5th and Union, in 1969.)

Daniel Louis was the jeweler at Nordstrom’s flagship department store, located in Seattle. A jeweler for 47 years, he spent 17 of those years at Nordstrom, operating as Daniel Louis Jewelry Art.

His work was widely respected by both his clientele and peers for its creativity and design. At a time when mass production was gaining in popularity, Daniel Louis sought artistic freedom and the opportunity to experiment. He wanted to draw upon his own concepts rather than cater to manufacturing trends. Thus, a family legacy was born.

Daniel Louis passed on his ideals and beliefs to the next generation. Maurice and Morgan apprenticed and worked under him, learning their craft and gaining invaluable insights  the culmination of which would become Ma Mo Jewelry Design.


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