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Watch generations of  experience at work. 

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Technique And Tradition

Once upon a time, jewelry making was an art form. It required craftsmanship and skill to create a quality piece that could be enjoyed for generations. Ma Mo Jewelry Design was founded on these ideals and standards. Our approach incorporates traditional techniques and tools, along with new technology, to preserve the legacy of our trade.

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Handcrafted Artistry

Every piece of jewelry we create for a client, or put in our showcase, is exclusively designed by hand. This harks back to our roots and specialized training. Our methods are as unique and heartfelt as the designs we create. With our artistry and design qualifications, we’re able to create beautiful pieces of wearable art.

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The Ma Mo Process

In our studio, you’ll find us combining old world craftsmanship with skilled hands, imagination and attention to detail. Bring your ideas and inspiration to us and we’ll sketch out a design. We’ll then create a wax mold that allows us to finalize the look and fit, before moving onto the finished piece.

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